Some Goals of TIBMA

Helping the novice to understand the principles of applying the Bengal standard to the actual cat(s).

Learn to recognize the signs of collecting/hoarding and how to identify and implement early interventions.

Peer Reviews and assesments of breeding programs and cattery managment.

Provide written and personal guidance and support for new and experienced breeders.

Educate new exhibitors to the in's and outs of showing and breeding cats.

Establish and accomplish goals for a successful breeding and show cattery.

Develop a program that provides education, guidance, assistance and nurturing to new and old breeders and exhibitors.

Encourage and educate new and old breeders the importance of rescue resources.


Crisis Intervention, Assessment, Counseling and Case Management

While TIBMA is unable to fund services to assist individual animal hoarders, their family members, or humane law enforcement, we are developing a list of private consultants whom are known to specialize in animal hoarding crisis intervention, assessment, service planning, identification and coordination of community resources, and case management. At present, one counselor is available who has substantial experience working with hoarders and their families.

Jane N. Nathanson, LCSW, LRC, CRC
Social Work and Rehabilitation Consultant,
Specialist in Human-Animal Health and Welfare
Boston, MA

Fee-for-Service Consultations are available and include the following:

    a) Self-referrals for individuals in need of counseling services for their animal hoarding
    Animal hoarders seeking assistance to improve problematic personal and home conditions may make arrangements to receive assessment services, guidance and supportive counseling, identification and coordination of community resources relevant to their needs, and care management. Self-referrals may be made for the purpose of either preventing or responding to crisis situations that are associated with animal hoarding conditions, which may include the risk of losing one's pets, losing one's home, and confronting related financial and legal problems.
    b) Counseling for family members or friends of an animal hoarder
    Information, guidance, and support services are available for family members or friends of an animal hoarder to learn methods of intervention, communication and coping strategies, and the utilization of appropriate resources within the community.
    c) Assistance for Humane Societies and Law Enforcement in Need of Animal Hoarding Assessment Services to Facilitate Court-Mandated Counseling
    Consultation services are available for humane societies and law enforcement professionals to enhance the outcome of animal hoarding crisis intervention, case management and disposition. With mandated counseling becoming increasingly utilized to effect long-term resolution of animal hoarding behavior, a comprehensive initial assessment of the animal hoarder can be arranged in order to facilitate the process of determining the specific medical and/or mental health treatment needs of the individual animal hoarder. In addition, specialized community-based resources may be recommended as being appropriate for the animal hoarder's rehabilitation.

Long distance telephone consultation services provided (or available) for out-of-state clients or organizations. References are available upon request. For further information and costs of service, contact Ms. Nathanson directly. Email: jnncnslt@aol.com or Telephone: (617) 325-4828

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