Cattery Submission to TIBMA:

You will be taking part in a program that has been asked for by buyers and breeders for years and due to fear of reprecussions it has not been done. This will bring buyers looking for breeders who are indeed transparent, reputable, and have the abilty to show a level of responsibility that all the webpages alone just do not do. We forsee this as being THE place to find the enough information so that a buyer can lessen the chances of not dealing with a reputable breeder.

You are required to provide substantial documentation to join, but this is to enable us to improve numbers of reputable breeders participating. We know that no amount of documentaion will weed all the bad out, but its sure better than we have anywhere else at this point in time.

By participating we are all showing our buyers why we are different than our peers and it can be viewed here as it will be documented for all to see. If you are willing to participate and want to move into a new form of social networking in the Bengal breed, then we welcome you with open arms.

There is no cost for the service. We will operate the site on donations only. Hopefully members will see the value and help on operating costs. Thats all we need at this point.

Submit the following information to :

  • Name:
  • Cattery Name:
  • Cattery Website:
  • Proof of TICA Cattery Registration (can be scanned and emailed)
  • 5 References Willing to be Contacted (and contact information)
  • Signed TICA COE (can be scanned and emailed)
  • Listing of Memberships Related to Cat Fancy (TIBCS, TIBBA, CFA, etc.)
  • Health Guarantees you offer your Pet Buyers.
  • Self Assessment using Cattery Evaluation Form from the TICA Voluntary Responsible Breeding Program
  • Copy of TICA Certificate of Outstanding Cattery (if applicable, scan and email)
  • Photos of your Cattery
  • Signed Copy of Waiver of Liability (scaned and emailed)** (link to left is .doc file, get online copy here)
    **this is necessary due to the very different approach we are using and that some in the cat fancy are litigous and this is an example of a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure**
  • Understanding that all who take advantage of this will be paired with a mentor or a mentee relationship.

You understand that this site will allow buyers of your cats to post reviews and comments about your breeding practices. TIBMA will moderate all comments and will prevent to the best of its abilities to prevent any slanderous comments from being posted. If the customer sends TIBMA documentation of a problem we will contact the breeder and allow them to respond. We are not a policing agency and will not act as one. The goal here is to be transparent. If we solve problems quickly and professionally there will be far more positive comments and ratings than negative ones.

Send each customer of yours to the site as you sell them a kitten, ask them to rate you. This will continue to keep your ratings positive. The negatives will allow your mentor to work with you to help resolve potential issues so that everyone is satisfied. The Mentor / Mentee relationship is essential to help identify potential issues and resolve them. The motivation is for us to all produce happy, well adjusted and healthy cats for customers who will becaome a good ambassador for the breed.

By submitting your information you agree to The International Bengal Mentor Association's Waiver of Liability


Mark Pennington -Mystre Bengals - Founder